Welcome To The DAM Blog
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Welcome To The DAM Blog

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Welcome to The DAM Blog!


This blog aims to serve creative people who put out creative works. Let’s call it artist development.


We’ll call it food for the soul, food for thought, or brain food to nourish your mind for when it comes time to execute your work. 


The information from this blog will consist of teachings and insights from other creators, authors, doctors, scientists, just about anyone with anything good to say.


These articles will boil insights down to their essence with the goal of offering a NEW PERSPECTIVE for you to take and use as a fresh approach to your work.


Most of the articles will be short and to the point so that you are able to take it and put it into practice immediately. We will not be to blame for your procrastination. 


DAM has some heat and all types of content: talk shows, interviews, music videos, fashion, and we are always coming up with fresh content so tune-in and interact. If you have something to say, give, or share don’t hold back. 


Let’s wrap with this so that we come back strong. Here is a quote that we use at our core in producing content.


First we make our habits and then our habits make us.

Or said another way 


People do not decide their futures they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.


So to quote one of the best lines from the tv show Power. When it comes to creating a better future for yourself and for getting this DAM blog started


“There’s no time like the present’” 


*Oh yea, please don’t be sensitive here. The delivery will be straight forward. 


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