"Who's Paying" - Pilot Episode 01

We are going to kick-off the The Power of Know with some light hearted debates about moments that we all have in common. 

Which moments? 

We’re talking about building relationships and we will deep dive into this topic later in the series, but for now let us look at a dating scenario that people of all backgrounds deal with…

“Who’s responsibility is it to cover the bill on the first date?” 

You’ll be be surprised at some of the responses. But, before we launch, I want to say a little more about the Series. 


Get warmed up to the idea of being Intentional

The Power of Know: Ether Conversations is Centered Around Debate.

To understand this Series you must realize that we are focused on freedom. The freedom to tune into your own creative genius. 


We are just beginning and there are concepts for you to pick up on throughout the show, for now we want you to get warmed up to the idea of being intentional. 


Be intentional with your time, relationships, actions, and communication because in your intention you will come to know yourself and what makes you fulfilled.

The idea is to confront limiting ideas

And get rid of beliefs that don't serve you.


Unlimited Knowledge

  • Use Your Intention

    Ask Yourself how idea’s can benefit you and what activities will get you where you want to be, and when you’re doing well figure out how to build on it? Think about people you may already have in your network who you can connect with.

  • Open Your Options

    Ask Yourself, What untapped skills or interest do you have that you can cultivate to discover a new gift, start a business, or that will allow you to spend more time with the people you enjoy being with? Think about what you enjoy doing.

All Creators Have Idealogical Differences and Struggles

Dare to be prepared for situations and opportunities. Make decisions to strengthen your internal dialogue and learn from other Creators experiences. 


There is a saying, “Dare to struggle and you Dare to win, Dare not to struggle and you don’t deserve to win.”


The struggle is in defending your vision for yourself, organizing to achieve it, and staying educated to what’s going on.

Ether Conversations dared to collectively tap into perspectives and ideas because you never know how one idea can spark another. And when one Creator finds their spark its all worth it. 

Your Power is in You and is Manifested Through You

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Published By J.D. Wright on 04/22/21

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