The Power of Know: Ether conversations official trailer

We need to talk. I’m putting all of you on notice.

The Power of Know: Ether Conversations is releasing 

on Thursday April 22, Earth Day. 

The objective of this Series is to share ideas so that Creator’s can tap into the unlimited power that comes with knowledge.


You may be asking yourself,

What is The Power Of Know : Ether Conversations?

It is a Pilot Series that allows people to express how they approach their work and deal with relationships.

We will call these people, Creator’s.

They are a mix of creatives, lawyers, students, political workers, athletes, therapist, scientist, financial consultants, doctors in the making, artists, and educators.

But they are more than that. These are unique individuals, in that they are actively and intentionally creating their own futures. Each of them are doing exceptional work and creating impact in their field’s.

And they have come together on this Series to discuss their perspectives and values.

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Why was The Power of Know Created?

The Power of Know is about fortifying your mental muscles. It is about discovering new ways of seeing circumstances, because minor shifts in your perspective can create prosperous results throughout your 



It is about you appreciating your uniqueness and leveraging your strengths by tapping into your natural abilities in order to create works that only you can make happen


The person who feels like a Creator themself. This is not a title someone can give you. It’s the individual knowledge you have of yourself and your commitment to expanding your world and what you are capable of accomplishing.

How can you get involved?

You get involved when you watch and implement ideas that resonate with you. You can share episodes and your own thoughts by leaving comments. We chose to release the Series on The Digital Advocator’s YouTube Channel to open the conversations up to you

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WHen Can you watch the series and read the blog?

The Pilot will launch Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 11:11am PST with new episodes airing Thursday’s until it is completed. Each episode will be accompanied by The Power Blog to provide deeper analysis of the topics. We’ll get into the topics later, for now enjoy the Series trailer.

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