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Blast off into your Unlimited

“Be True To You”

The Power of Know – Ether Conversations is an all-new Pilot Series from DAM (Digital Advocators Media). It lives to circulate the ideas and mindset that goes into you (the Creator) building your skills in your craft. Everyone has their own strengths, skills, and journey. So this is not a series to tell you what you need to be doing or how to do it.

These are conversations from all types of people at different stages in life who all have one thing in common. They are not being passive about going after what is important to them. They are aggressively attacking their goals. In addition to being on the offense for your goals, life happens. People build families, get into tough situations, and go through tough times. We talk about that.

You can’t just read about growing your skills, or listen to podcasts about it, or claim to “be about it”. You have to work your skills. Know what you want to happen for yourself and do your work for you not what everyone else wants you to do with your life. 

We drill down into questions and topics like wealth, investing, health, attitude, savings, code-switching, dating, mental health, and much more. 
We look at the equation of What You Do + How You Go About Doing It

The goal is to help you focus on Doing what you want to do instead of what everyone else wants you to do and know that it’s never too late to focus and lock in on you and take the steps to make your life better.

We know that it’s basic, it’s simple, but it’s not easy. It’s hard work to stay mentally fit and execute consistently, and these conversations are all about practicality. So that, instead of wishing what you are, you realize what you are. Instead of hoping for what you want, you get grounded on who you are and what you want and go ALL IN on that. 

And lastly and most importantly:

Invest in yourself. 

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