3…2…1 it’s time to launch The Power of Know

It couldn’t be more fitting than to launch with with The Power of Know Anthem

But what is The Power of Know: Ether Conversations? 

It is an open conversation of different opinions and perspectives from working creators. 

The topics come from common situations that individuals who are creating a more prosperous life go through.

This is about the Truth that you gain by knowing that you are the only you.

The Truth only you can share fully. your ideas and gifts.  

This is all about Unleashing Your Creativity. 

It Self Knowledge and Awareness.

We explore situations that many of us who are building our own lives are dealing with. 

The experiences range from high school students, college students, to professionals who are all currently growing and building successful careers. 

Can social media can make or break your relationships? Is college worth the price? Who’s responsibility is it to pay on the first date?


These questions and more are the conversations that are taking place. 

This vlog is not looking to give answer’s. 

Instead the idea is that you grow in your ability to use your resources and that you don’t overlook or abuse your gifts. 

If you’ve tried accomplishing anything worth while then you know it can get difficult. 

But our community agrees that the journey is better when you have a support system of like minded people encouraging you and holding you accountable.

We want to help up become mentally and physically organized.  

And make the spectators say:

I don’t know who these Creators are, or where they came from. Or how they found the formula. 

But they have the support and the vision. 

Because as we see better, we will do better. 

Follow the series on Youtube and listen to The Anthem here.

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