The Impact of Social Media - Session 08

This session is about the impact of social media. Although the title of this session is about its impact on your money, it’s more appropriately about how it impacts your mental health. 



The primary question that we are asking is: Do you feel like society puts an intense pressure on using social media?



For example: “As soon you get in a new relationship I have to post it. If there is a problem in my relationship, I gotta talk on twitter about it. If I want to brag about my girlfriend or boyfriend, I gotta post on instagram. Has that pressure been surmounted through the social media upbringing”.

Social Media and Anxiety

Some people put their relationships on social media so that other people know that they are in a relationship. While others don’t like to post their relationship because they feel that it is none of other people’s business. 


The people who need to know the important details of your life will know because you are talking to them. Your friends will know if you are in a relationship and if that relationship is going to the next level because that’s the age that I’m at. The world will find out when they find out if they ever talk to me. 


This diversity shows that people use social media for different reasons, and it can be both good and bad.


89 percent of people between the ages of 11 and 15 claim to have suffered from anxiety, stress, and bullying, and felt under pressure to get likes and follows on social media apps. 

Social Media and Mental Health

People like to blame social media, but it could be very well a mental health issue that people feel the need to have their entire social life blasted on those platforms. 

You can see the pressure reflected in society with people flooding their socials with their life events. It directly compares you to other people and naturally most users are young people, therefore some people have gotten there before others and that becomes the expectations that have been dictated by society around social media.


Social Media is great. It can be used as way to propel ourselves and bring people together. But much of the time it’s being abused and it’s easy to blame the system, instead of overall helping people with their issues.

The expectations and pressures that comes from social media impacts your actions. And your actions impact your money, relationships and all of your life. So make sure that you stay aware of who you follow and interact with while using social . 

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Published By J.D. Wright on 11/04/21

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