Take Your Education Seriously - Session 06

In session six, we asked students on our panel, what their perspective on education is.


She made a great point, which is to do as much as you can while you are younger. Begin saving up for college now and make sure that you have funds now ready for the future. 


Someone asked a valid question: What if you don’t know what you want to do?  Do you think that hinders your process to start now or do you think that there is always something that you can do?


The answer is that you can always start now. Especially with all of the digital resources in the world. You can research your prospective career to get a stronger idea of the best place to start your journey. 

Power Quote 

“How To Be Successful In The Future Is Starting Now.” 

 – Aaliyah – 

Another student asked, What if you start your journey and end up wanting to change what you do?


One opinion was to make a definite decision and follow through on it, instead of switching up.


One point to interject is this: You are the most important investment that you can place your time and money into. Therefore, invest in your creativity, invest in your knowledge, invest in your health, invest in your finances, and just as important invest in your relationships. 

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Published By J.D. Wright on 10/21/21

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