Single Parent Households - Session 03

In session three, we are discussing single parent households and how they effect relations and the the mindset of having a partner. 


There are two points of emphasis here:



It is important that we not allow society to dictate what our relationships are, especially with the opposite sex. It is our responsibility to get that knowledge. That is to say, if we didn’t get it growing up, to get it for ourselves in order to create our own family tree.




Responsibility is really Respond-Ability, or the ability to respond to the requirements of your vision.



Don’t put Independence on a pedestal. Building on what we discussed in the previous session, regarding independence. Although, we preach it and say that we need it so much and independence is great, it is okay to be dependent on another sometimes. It’s okay to say that I’m not good, I need help, or I need assistance. Whether you are a women or a man. It’s okay to need other people. 


Watch Session 03: SINGLE Parent HOUSEHOLDS

Published By J.D. Wright on 09/30/21

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