Live With Passion and Purpose - Session 15 [BONUS]

For the previous 14 sessions we’ve discussed social media’s impact of relationships, the importance of independence, Respond-ability, planning ahead, thinking for yourself, and using your power wisely. 


Ultimately, all of the ideas and concepts that we discuss are for you to integrate into your own life and perspective. This week we are highlighting someone who is living out his dream and making big impact across the world. 


Emanuel Chacon is an International Professional Touring Dancer. His story is one of living fiercely, or in his words, living with passion and purpose.


Coming from a small city he always wanted to experience more, and dance has been an outlet that has allowed him to grow and connect with people. 


Through those connections he’s been able to partner with organizations that have allowed him to travel, perform, teach workshops, and make an impact on people of  different ages, sizes, places, and cultures throughout cities across the world.

His message is that we do possess a lot more and we are created to live out a sense of greatness, and to really live through passion and purpose.

His work ethic is such that he wants to make sure that when you look at him you know what it means to really live out your dream and do something that was never expected of you from the beginning. 


Coming from a place where a lot of people around him are full of potential but have never had a support system to foster that. 


“I want to be able to show them how much more you can do, even your resources are limited. Our journey’s may be different but the end goal can still be the same as other people who might be a bit more fortunate.


He always tell people, “If you have a purpose, if you have a passion behind that, and you combine that with hard work anything is really possible and I mean that with full sincerity and a full sense of genuineness.”

Watch Session 15: Live with Passion and Purpose [Bonus]

Published By J.D. Wright on 11/25/21

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