Is Student Loan Debt Worth it? - Session 05

In session five, we are asking professionals and graduates if student loan debt is worth the 4 or 5 year sacrifice. There are a two points of emphasis that came up.

The first consideration is your Career

The general feeling is that it primarily depends on on your career and what you are interested in because it’s not always needed to get where you want to go. 

College in many cases can be considered a business and for professional schools you can’t get into into law school without an undergraduate education, and is the same with medical school, architecture, and similar fields.

Power Quote 

“Education is always worth it. If you can go to the library for free and read a book it’s always worth it. The fact that I have to go pay for this certificate that said I read my book doesn’t feel worth it but education is always worth it.”

 – Serena – 

The second point is it’s important to be strategic. Some strategy includes:

Looking for programs and scholarships.  Sometimes there is  money sitting there because no one has applied for it.

If you are unsure of your options lean on guidance consolers and people that are supposed to guide you to these resources.

Another option is to look for jobs on campus.


In conclusion, if you have the opportunity to go to college and further and get your degree do it but don’t feel pressure that you have to if there is a career path that doesn’t fit the traditional mold.

Watch Session 05: Is Student Loan Debt Worth It

Published By J.D. Wright on 10/15/21

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