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If you’re a business, there are some very real and specific benefits to having a consistent, ongoing search engine optimization strategy.

Why? Because users are offering up their actual intent through the words that they put into search engines.

And more than ever before, you can measure the results of your SEO efforts as a marketing strategy.

While search engines don’t charge you for listing your webpages, planning and implementing SEO in your organization is certainly not free.

You’ll need to invest the time, the money, and the resources to do SEO the right way.

The good news is that SEO can help you reach an enormous audience, attract more targeted visitors, and measure the impact of your efforts in terms of a return on your investment.

More content appears on the web everyday and your customers need search engines to help make sense of it all. People search to find answers to their questions, to buy products, to find a place to eat, to book travel, to get news.

93% of online experiences starts with a search. Intent – is the motivation behind a given search. With The explosion of connected mobile devices and voice assistants we have access to search just about anywhere in the world at any time.

seo intent

The role of search engines is to match each user search queries to pages that match that topic.

What people search for and the words they choose when making their query says a lot about their intent, or what actions they want to take at a specific moment in time.

Search has traditionally been a principle focus of marketing research.

If somebody searches for Café’s in Burbank, California or where to buy a PS4, it’s easy, as a marketer, to understand what they’re looking for.

And if you sell Playstation 4s, what that means for you is that you can create relevant content that meets the needs of the searcher at exactly the right moment.

Good SEO provides you a stream of some of the most targeted, intent-driven traffic that you could possible ask for. On top of that, a major benefit of search engine optimization is the ability to measure your results.

You can leverage your website analytics data to discover exactly how successful you are in acquiring search engine users.

And you can see if the users’ actions are in line with your business goals.

You can evaluate the effectiveness of your content in attracting and advancing the user through your transaction process. And you can measure what they do and what they don’t do on your website and beyond.

By anticipating and investing into the action of people searching, you’ll be able to accurately measure return on investment from your SEO implementation.

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