HBCU's Vs PWI's Part 2 - Session 13

In this session we are building on our conversation about HBCU’s vs PWI’s. 


Members of the panel mentioned that PWI’s can feel like a bubble or can feel like it is segmented from society. 


Within student life, for people of color there aren’t as many organizations where you see people who look like you, but if you’re trying to get your education paid for completely there may be more opportunities at a PWI.


If you are an athlete, sometimes it’s good to use college as a means to fund school and make sure that you have a plan after you finish your sports career. 

You Have to Make Your Own Opportunity, Where Ever You Decide To Go.


“As far a competition goes, you can compete better if you are challenged more, if you are in a situation where people are like you, you don’t grow as much. When you are in a situation where you are always looked at as the minority you have to work harder, and when you go out to work in the world, you’re always going to have that mindset. 


At a PWI there are people that don’t look like you as much and you do have to work a little bit harder. HBCU’s were founded by people who looked like them and they were going out into a world that didn’t want to accept them, so HBCU graduates still have to work hard. In college you have to work hard, period. HBCU graduates don’t feel like they’re lacking anywhere because they went to an HBCU and are interacting with people that look like themselves.”

Our host CJ asked…

Do you think there is a preconceived notion that if you graduate from a PWI versus a HBCU that you are better off? As in you have better competition and that your resume won’t get looked over versus if you are coming from an HBCU?

“If people are going to look at my piece of paper and look at where I graduated from, I felt if I was going to go to a HBCU I had to go to the best, but if I went to a PWI, I didn’t have to go to Harvard, people would say ‘oh that’s a good school, University of Delaware is good’.


You have to choose, give and take, which one is more important to you as far as being in a school that’s more like you culturally or something like that. As far as attending a HBCU there is never another chance to have an experience like that, I ask myself where am I ever going to be just around a whole bunch of black people.”

Watch Session 13: HBCU's Vs PWI's part II

Published By J.D. Wright on 12/10/21

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