HBCU's Vs PWI's - Session 12

In this session the panel discusses HBCU’s vs PWI’s. 

Let’s start out by clarifying the definitions for both. 

A HBCU is a Historically Black College or Institution.

A PWI is a Primarily WHite Institution.

Both offer very different educational and social experiences. This week we will focus on HBCU’s, some of their stereotypes, as well as the benefits of attending a HBCU. 


A few stereotypes of HBCU’s are that they:

  • Receive less funding
  • Are party schools
  • Are easy to get in
  • Have smaller campuses

Some of the benefits about attending a HBCU is that:

  • You are learning and interacting with more students that look like you.
  • Your teachers and professors look like you and are able to relate to you. 


Students who have attended HBCU’s feel that they have to work harder coming from a HBCU to prove the stereotypes wrong. 


Some facts about HBCU’s are that they strengthen our nation. In total the nations HBCU’s generate 14.8 billion in economic impact annually. That is equivalent to ranking in the top 200 on the fortune 500 list of America’s largest corporations.


These institutions generate 134,090 jobs for their local and regional economies, that is equivalent to the number of jobs provided by Oracle, one of the nations largest private employers.   


Watch Session 12: HBCU's Vs PWI's

Published By J.D. Wright on 12/03/21

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