Follow Your Passion - Session 07

This session is all about following your passion. Instead of talking about the session, I am going to highlight some of the thought provoking ideas that were shared.


Education starts at home

“Follow your passion. If it doesn’t reach your heart if it’s not what you feel like you should be doing. The journey is going to be well more worth it than sitting in some place you don’t want to be and you’re not fulfilling your purpose. I feel like we all have a purpose we all are meant to accomplish certain things. What we’re able to do is going to be able to help others when we are following our hearts and our purpose.”


“Education and literacy is important but creativity is just as important and Education starts at home.

When you follow what makes you happy sometimes you have to fail but failure doesn’t mean that it is a mark in your armor or that you are not succeeding in life. Failure is where you learn the most, failure is where you grow the most.”

Funding Your Passion

“Weigh the pros and cons. Sometimes you have to be strategic about how you make your money and use it as a means”


Example: “I’m going to say I’m going to work here for two years and I’m going to set myself up to do something else. Sometimes we must look at where we want to be in life and what financial funds are going to get us there.”

Don't get stuck following the money

“It’s easy to get stuck following the money. Don’t get stuck there. Passion is how you’re going to reach the people that God has you to reach. The money is going to be there, but I’m not always going to be here though, and I gotta do what I’m meant to do. So when it comes to which one I’m going to put on top, we going to put passion over money, but money is still going to be in my pocket.”

CJ asked our panel: how do you know when you should make that transition from money to passion, how do you know when you should leave a job?


“If you’ve exhausted every opportunity that job has for you. If you can no longer grow where you are at then it’s time to go. If you are staying at a place where they are no longer nurturing your growth that’s when you are missing out on opportunities.”  


“Sometimes the earlier parts of your career is a grind so you have to go through that grind to get to the better place. It’s all about keeping the overall goal in mind. Being focused on where you want to go.”


Watch the the full episode now.

Watch Session 07: Follow Your Passion

Published By J.D. Wright on 10/28/21

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