Educational Standards
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$2699.00 – General Enrollment 

$2499.00 – (Early Enrollment – *must enroll by November 15th, 2017)


The total program cost includes travel expenses, living arrangements, daily activities, and, meals.


The “Global Academy S.A.T. Prep Edition”

Learn about 3 Different World cultures (French, Dutch, German).


Students will learn architecture, language, norms, and educational systems as they engage in joint SAT prep classes with 100 German exchange students in Paris, Northern Holland, and Amsterdam.


Upon completion of the program students will achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate awareness of their own cultural values and biases and how these impact their ability to work with others.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of diversity with a focus on the population or topic of interest in the specific Study Abroad program.
  3. Communicate appropriately and effectively with diverts individuals and groups.
  4. Demonstrate an increased capacity to analyze issues with appreciation for disparate viewpoints.
  5. S.A.T. PREP TRAINING including foundational contents and testing strategies and tips for the “New S.A.T.”

How To Enroll Your Student:

  • Registar your student for an interview and application
  • Pay $250.00 Deposit
  • Complete Application
  • Attend Mandatory Parent and Student Orientation

Want to learn more? Attend our open house meetings where you’ll find out details about your trip including payment options, itinerary, events, activities, courses, and much more.

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  • Fly out of BWI airport Early Afternoon
  • Direct (1 minor-layover) Delta Air
  • Fly/Travel Day – 8.5 Hours w layover Transit


Day 3 – In Paris

  • Breakfast Complimentary@ Hotel
  • Morning group Activity in Hotel
  • Travel to Versailles – Lunch on the Road
  • Sight Seeing During Tour of Versailles
  • Travel Home – For Semi Formal French Dinner
  • Dinner at Jamon Resturant

DAY 7 

Day 3 @ SAT Prep Camp Heino 

  • Breakfast @ or about 630am – 745am
  • SAT Prep Math 8-10 Verbal 10:15am – 12noon
  • Lunch with the German Students 12noon – 12:45pm
  • SAT PREP -Math 1pm – 2:15 Vebal 2:30pm – 4:15pm
  • Free-time Bike to see the town during free-time
  • Dinner, Activity with Germans, Study Hours

DAY 10 

Day 2 In Amsterdam – Last Day

  • Breakfast Complimentary @ Hotel
  • Travel to old Dutch Town Not Included
  • Shopping In Amsterdam and Tour the City
  • Final Group Dinner @ Viapianos
  • Home Bound Amsterdam to Philadelphia Non-Stop Flight
Jetlag Buster – Day 1 In Paris
  • Arrive in Paris (CDG) @ 7:30am -Tentative
  •  Transfer to hotel – Mecure Hotel Eiffel Tower
  • Check in/Clean Up/and Rest (Jetlag Buster)
  • Lunch- on your own at the Hotel Afternoon
  • 1/2 Day City Tour/Catacombs
  • Starting w/2block walk to the Eiffel Tower


Travel and First Day in Holland

  • Breakfast Complimentary@ Hotel in Paris
  • Travel to Holland Through Belgium
  • Lunch in Belgium (most likely McDonalds)
  • Arrive and unpack at Camp Heino
  • First Day of SAT prep Class and Evening Study Hours

DAY 8 

Day 4 @ SAT Prep Camp Heino

  • Breakfast @ or about 630am – 745am
  • SAT Prep Math 8-10 Verbal 10:15 – 12noon
  • Lunch with the German Students 12 – 12:45
  • SAT PREP -Math 1pm-2:15 Vebal 2:30pm – 4:15pm
  • Free-time,Dinner, Activity with Germans, Study Hours, and Night Social with German Delgates
Day 2 – In Paris
  • Breakfast – Complimentary@ Hotel
  • Tour of the Louvre and Notre Dame
  • Lunch During Tour – Not Included
  • Shopping and Climb the Arc de Triomphe
  • Dinner-Not included and Eiffel Tower@night
Dat 2 @ SAT Prep Camp Heino
  • Breakfast @ or about 630am – 745am
  • SAT Prep Math 8-10 Verbal 10:15 -12noon
  • Lunch with the German Students 12-12:45
  • SAT PREP -Math 1pm – 2:15 Vebal 2:30 – 4:15
  • 4SAT PREP -Math 1pm – 2:15pm Verbal 2:30pm-4:15pm -Freetime,dinner@600pm – 7pm, 7:15pm-9pm act./w Germ. stud.,9pm -11pm Study Hours

DAY 9 

Day 5 @ Camp Heino to Amsterdam 

  • Breakfast @ or about 6:00am – 6:30pm
  • Travel to Amsterdam – 1.5 hours/Hotel Check in
  • Visit the Anne Frank House and Travel back to Hotel for Night Journal Entries