Does Social Media Make or break relationships - Session 04

In this session we are switching it up and discussing social media’s role in society and our first question is: Does social media make or break relationships?

According to the pew research center: 74% of adult internet users who report that the internet had an impact on their marriage or partners say the impact was positive, 20% say the impact was mostly negative, 4% said it was both good and bad.

Chart of Social Media's Impact on Relationships

The general consensus is that it can impact your relationship, depending on a few factors.


Factor #1 – Is knowing the type of person that you are in a relationship with.

Do they have trust issues, or are they insecure? Some people feel that if you’re insecure then you shouldn’t have social media in your relationship.


Factor #2 – Know yourself.

Are you able to ignore DM’s and not entertain other people? If your partner can’t do this, you may need to cut them off.


Power Quote

My relationship outside of social media is totally different  than what I portray on there. Many people try to portray that their life is a lot better than what it is on social media and I don’t have the time for that.”

- Samantha -

Factor #3 –  How are you using it?

Here, age seems to play a factor in the way social media is used. 

With older users leveraging it as a tool to better their stance with a potential employer. They know that employers use social media to determine what kind of person you are outside of what you’re saying in your interview and so the idea is to minimize what you put out on there that can make you be viewed in a different light.


We asked a question specifically to the ladies: How much of a priority is it to you that your man shows you off on social media? Watch the session to see what our panel had to say. 

Watch Session 04: Does Social Media Make or Break A relationship?

Published By J.D. Wright on 10/07/21

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