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Have A Project That You Want To Complete? Just shoot me an email, you’ll have a response within 24 hours guaranteed.

    About Digital Advocators 

    Digital Advocators is a media consulting agency that specializes in digital marketing and advertising. Growing more digital by the day, it is our goal to facilitate successful marketing campaigns and leverage connectivity by cultivating a network of passionate, creative, people. We do this when we empower brands to express their passions and trade creativity.


    Digital Advocators, often referred to as DAM (Digital Advocators Media) or Digital Ads, embodies an energy. An energy used to build brands that create impact. It is a culture that focuses on the people, on experiences, and on using digital tools to maximize ideas and optimize vision.


    Digital Advocators are the most influential, driven, inspirational people in their fields.


    Our mission is to  Amplify the Voices of the organizations who work on passionate projects, are ready to use media to show their business, big ideas, products, and services in the best light.  

    Our home base is located in Los Angeles, California. We work with clients all around the world and love to travel to new cities to work.