Code Switching - Session 09

Man we bout to f*#k the game up with this session….I meant, this is going to be a fantastic session.


This session is all about code switching. What is code switching you ask.


Code switching is going from the professional work place and how you talk and your diction versus how you talk when you are with your boys and your girls. It’s a completely different scenario and you have to know some do’s and don’ts.


Let’s take a look at what some of the members of our panel have to say about it.


Do make sure the phone is properly hung up before you curse at someone (if you have to).


Do make sure that when you are out with your friends that you are practicing speaking with clarity and diction, so that when you are in your workplace it is a normal thing.


If you’re speaking laid back and you’re cursing and all that stuff, that will show up eventually when you are in a professional situation.


Not all of our panel feel the same way, some feel that it’s all about how you manage it. When you are at work you have to be work ready, and when you are out, you are out to have fun and enjoy yourself. 

Practice the craft of speaking. Anybody could be listening to you and you never know what kind of opportunities you might miss because you are behaving in a certain way. 


If you are practicing a certain type of diction and vocabulary it is going to come as second nature. 

- Samantha -

The last point of this session revolves around the question of:

Does your environment dictate your actions?


It is important to watch your media intake. Whether that be what you listen to, what you watch, or who you’re around because it can influence you. 

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Published By J.D. Wright on 11/11/21

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